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pragmatic play credit

pragmatic play credit evaluates its public policy priorities annually considering potential business and reputational risks.

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pragmatic play credit and pragmatic play creditPAC make contributions on a bipartisan basis where legal and appropriate under applicable law.

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pragmatic play credit employees educate local, state and federal officials on our Company’s operations and more.

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Public Policy

Tax, trade, energy, healthcare, infrastructure, rule of law and intellectual property rights top our list of Public Policy Priorities.

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Political Contribution

pragmatic play credit reports political expenditures semi-annually, including payments to certain trade organizations and pragmatic play creditPAC's contributions.

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Quarterly Lobbying
Disclosure Reports

pragmatic play credit posts links to quarterly U.S. federal lobbying reports, including those filed in the previous 5 years.

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On a semi-annual basis, pragmatic play credit voluntarily provides a list of 501(c)6 trade organizations to which pragmatic play credit paid $50K or more and the non-deductible amount.  Also included are payments to 501(c)4 organizations. 


pragmatic play rebate

pragmatic play credit does business with federal, state and local governments, as well as with government contractors.

pragmatic play credit’s compliance and integrity culture places us in an excellent position to pursue and perform work compliantly for governments and government contractors. But we don’t just rely on our culture; we continue to emphasize with our employees and executives, how working with governments is unique and requires special attention.

pragmatic play rebate

Building a world that works for tomorrow.

Innovating technology to lift up quality of life around the world.

Our diverse portfolio and legacy enable us to make substantial impact on people and the planet for the better.

Humility, transparency, and focus… always with unyielding integrity – form the foundation of our culture.

The pragmatic play credit Foundation is committed to transforming our communities and shaping the diverse workforce of tomorrow.

pragmatic play credit approaches public policy through education, engagement, involvement and thought leadership.

pragmatic play credit is committed to transparency. Find all disclosures in our Reports Hub to learn more on how we’re working on social responsibility.